EMIS Web Application [About]

About the EMIS Web Application

Version 1.7-0 Build date: 2009/04/30 13:56

This web application is developed by the State Software Development Team on behalf of the Ohio Department of Eduction.

Browser Requirements

In order to successfully use the web application, your web browser software must meet minimum requirements. If you have difficulty using the application, check with your technical support personnel to verify that your browser meets the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements are:

  • Support for "Cookies" must be enabled
  • Support for "Javascript" must be enabled
  • Support for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Allow "Pop-up" windows. If you have a "Pop-up" blocker, you must disable blocking while using EMIS Web or exempt the EMIS Web URL from blocking.

These requirements are easily met by any recent version of commonly used web browsers.

Recommend Browser Versions

The application was written to support any recent version of commonly used web browers. The application has been tested extensively on:

If you have difficulties with other browsers, please verify that you have a recent version installed.

Acknowledgements and Credits

The SSDT uses various tools and technologies to develop this web application and integrate with the OpenVMS operating system where EMIS is hosted. This section lists the some of the tools used and provide acknowledgements required by some Open Source products.